AirCraft Pilot Zen Vacuum Cleaner Bagless Automatic Cordless Robot Hoover

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The Aircraft Pilot Zen has been designed to clean all floor types, including carpet, tiles, hardwood and linoleum. Its suction is adjusted automatically to suit the floor type being cleaned and to ensure all floors are cleaned ultra efficiently. It will clean for 60 to 90 minutes per cleaning cycle before automatically returning to its charging dock.




    Nowhere for dirt to hide; Pilot Zenuses advanced navigation software is based on simultaneous localisation and mapping (SLAM) to continually scan the room, making instant decisions based on input from the numerous external sensors, ensuring no spot is left uncovered.

    Easy One-Touch Operation; Just touch the auto button and let your Pilot Zen do the rest of the work.

    Low Profile; At just 80mm high, Pilot Zen's ultra slim profile enables it to clean under sofas, beds, tables and other areas that other vacuum cleaners simply can’t reach.

    Ledge Sensors; Pilot Zen detects the edges of stairs other ledges, causing it to immediately reverse and change direction – so you can safely clean the top of the landing too.

    Self Charging; It will automatically search for its docking station, safely dock and begin recharging when required, so it is always ready for the next cleaning cycle.

    HEPA Filter; Pilot Zen uses a dual-filter system to trap even the tiniest particles of dust, dirt and allergens, leaving behind only fresh, clean air.

    Remote Control; You can niftily control and program your Pilot Zen with the included LCD remote control.

    Virtual Wall; A virtual barrier strip is included with your vacuum, so you can restrict cleaning to a specific area or room.




    Model Name: Pilot Zen

    Colour: Black

    Materials: Plastic and rubber

    Capacity: 700ml dust capacity

    Weight: 3.5kg

    Dimensions: 32 x 32 x 7.4cm

    Settings: Automatic / scheduled cleaning

    Wattage: 24w

    Bag: Bagless

    Accessories: LCD remote control, extra side brushes, extra filter, dual HEPA filters and charging dock

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