Organic Cocoa Cacao Powder High in Iron Calcium Vitamin C 500g

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High in calcium which contributes to the maintenance of healthy bones.


Terrafertil's organic cacao powder is a healthy alternative to conventional, over-processed chocolate powder.


Terrafertil Organic Cacao Powder is Extra Special

Each 100g of Organic Cacao Powder provides:

1,438mg of Calcium - more than milk!

18.1g of Fibre - more than oats or prunes!

536mg of Magnesium - more than almonds!

2, 223mg of Potassium - 6x more than bananas!

46.3mg of Iron - 6x more than spinach!

We keep it as close as possible to it's natural state of hanging off the tree.

Our result? A pure tasting product packed with nutrients!


You can also combine it with Chia Seeds we have on offer.




    Weight: 567g

    Country of Origin: France

    Brand: Terrafertil

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