Bose Solo 15 TV Sound System

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Setup is easy, with the Solo 15 series II system connecting to your TV with a single cable. The speaker fits under most TVs, yet is still small enough to place on an open shelf. It features Bluetooth® connectivity, so you can stream music wirelessly, and includes a universal remote for simplified daily use of your TV and connected sources.




    Single speaker fits under most TVs up to 50 inches or an open shelf

    One-piece speaker delivers dramatically better sound than your TV.

    Hear each word and detail clearly, and experience sound that’s wider than the screen.

    Impressive bass adds impact to your shows.

    Dialogue mode makes every word even easier to hear.

    Setup is easy with only one connection to your TV.

    Single speaker fits under most TVs or on an open shelf.

    Bluetooth connectivity is built in so you can stream music wirelessly.

    Includes universal remote for seamless control of many devices.

    Club Channel Product


The Bose Solo 15 series II TV sound system is designed for TVs with bases no wider than 24" (61cm) and no deeper than 12.25" (31cm). Most TVs 46" (117cm) and smaller meet these requirements, and some 50 (127cm) TVs will fit as well. The maximum weight that can be placed on the Bose Solo 15 series II system is 75 lbs. (34 kg), which is twice the weight of a typical 42" (107cm) television.


    Weight: 5.4kg

    Brand: Bose

    Dimensions: H 7.62 x W 62.9 x D 35.6 cm

    Colour: Black

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